Intel Core i5-650 BX80616I5650 With Processor Speed 3.20 GHz 4 MB Cache Socket Processor

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Product Features

  • 73watt TDP
  • Socket LGA1156
  • Intel HD graphics included
  • 3.20GHz Intel Turbo Boost speed up to 3.46GHz
  • 2 cores 4 threads with Intel Hyper-Threading
  • 3.20GHz Intel Turbo Boost speed up to 3.46GHz
  • Intel HD graphics included
  • 2 cores 4 threads with Intel Hyper-Threading
  • Socket LGA1156
  • 73watt TDP
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      • For the first time, there is a smart family of processors that can provide extra performance when you need it, and increased energy efficiency when you don’t.
      • Intel Core i5 650 Processor 3.20 GHz with 4 MB L3 shared cache.
      • Features Intel Turbo Boost Technology which accelerates your performance to match your workload. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (dual-core with 4 threads), NEW with Intel HD Graphics at 733 MHz, LGA1156 package.
      • Intel HD Graphics supported when used with DH55TC, DH55HC or similar motherboards.
      • Included in box: processor, fan/heatsink, manual and chassis sticker.
      • 3 Year Limited Warranty. Intel Turbo Boost Technology- automatically speeds up your processor when you need it.
      • So even if you’re running multiple applications at the same time, turbo boost taps any unused power to give you an extra boost of speed.
      • Like a modern sports car, where the car can deliver power and traction to the wheels where they’re needed, Intel Turbo Boost Technology automatically speeds up the processor when the PC needs extra performance.
      • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology - lets your processor do two things at the same time, similar to a toaster that has two slots instead of one, or four slots instead of two.
      • The result is that you can do a lot more in less time. Intel HD Graphics- provides superb visual performance for sharper images, richer color and lifelike video.
      • Now available on select models of the all NEW 2010 Intel Core Processor Family.




      Item Height

      14.5 Centimeters

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      8.1 Centimeters

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      322 g

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      12.8 x 8.1 x 14.5 cm

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      In the box
      • Intel Core i5-650
      • 3 Years